Water melon – as a medicine

Summer moves around and everybody adores to have no less than one nibble of the crunchy pink part of the watermelon. In any case it would seem water melon does more stupendous than extinguish your thirst on a hot summer day or an alternate expressions it is a without a doubt medicinal nourishment. Water melon reputed to be the ruler of summer fruits and helps an individual detached his weight too and that is the explanation for why it can additionally be said as the super weight reduction foods grown from the ground. So juicy and mouth-watering, an individual can’t oppose from consuming it in summers.

What do you truly think might be the extent of water in a water melon holds??? A water melon comprises of 92% water as is it so functional for the health that no other squeeze or any vitamins tablet can have an examination to that. It’s sweet, flavorful and deliciousness helps us stay away from whatever possible high calorie treat which is not suitable for our health. It is a shocking truth that water melon is the main soil grown foods that holds higher centralization of vitamin than each crisp products of the soil or vegetable. Water melon is fat free and its aides in vigor handling. A percentage of the real befits of consuming a water melon are that it supports are cancer prevention agents level and an individual who takes more admission of watermelon has an easier danger of disease and heart assault.

Likewise water melon seeds are not to be squandered. All aspects of the water melon has everything to offer. The seeds of the watermelon are a rich wellspring of proteins, and we should not disregard the abundance of minerals in the watermelons. The abundance of water in such a tree grown foods helps the correct working of the form. Watermelons are presently utilized as a part of numerous items, for example excellence mind creams. As we realize that our skin is constantly influenced by the inordinate sun powered radiations dry air and absence of dampness in nature’s domain. Melons are utilized to keep or skin look exceptional and lovely and ensure it from suntan too.garcinia cambogia

Watermelons are much more gainful than melons according to discussing our health. Water melons are truly regarded as low sweet snacks. So it might be an astute choice that we ask our kids to consume water melons rather than sweet confections which might prompt other health issues.


Upper Body Strength

The upper part of human’s body is undoubtedly an essential part of his entirety. The upper part is composed of many muscle groups which he uses for carrying out many important activities and tasks daily. Thus, it is extremely important to look for ways which may help you to build your upper body strength. By building one’s muscle strength, he can’t only make the shape of his body remarkable but he can also make his body function more efficiently and effectively. Good thing is building muscle strength now-a-days is much easier than it used to be.  If a person wants to build his muscle mass, one thing which he needs to do is perform some exercises and weight training/interval training routines which compels the muscle groups which are located on the upper part of a person’s body to work.

Some of such useful exercises include abs curls (strengthen the muscle on the chest), back and abdomen crunches (strengthen the body and muscle groups located at the back of lower extremities) and lunges (strengthen muscle groups in the body). People having issues with their body strength may visit this website http://www.savergen.com/garcinia-cambogia-extract, it will teach them very useful tips for body building and strength.


Apart from doing the above-mentioned exercises, one also needs to perform some stretching or gymnastic exercises which could make his body work harder. Such useful exercises include overhead bends (strengthen the muscles of upper and lower back) and side bends (strengthens the muscles on the top of the shoulders and on the extremities. Another important thing which one needs to consider if he wants to build upper body strength is try to do things which could make his bones stronger, making the bones stronger also means making the entire body stronger, as the muscles which are supported by skeletal system are affected too.

One may make his bones and muscles stronger by taking in supplements or foods which contain calcium (main mineral part of human’s skeletal tissues in the body). Foods which have got good amount of calcium are yogurt, cheese, butter and milk. It is also very helpful if someone exert his efforts to keep his body in shape by keeping a nice stature. One may do this by standing and sitting properly upright while he is walking. Maintaining a proper posture enables the muscles on the body to work in a proper manner. It enables the tension brought about by a person’s own weight to be disturbed in a proper manner on every muscle on the body. In this way, each muscle group on the body will develop and would grow in the most desirable manner.


A person should keep in his mind, if he doesn’t feel like doing a certain work out a certain day; he should never force himself to do it. Slow and steady always wins the race. One should follow all above mentioned exercises, stay persistent and keep them fun; he will soon see he is achieving his ultimate goal that is result. For finding some more very useful exercises for body building and tips for weight loss one may visit http://www.savergen.com/garcinia-cambogia-extract.


Divorce Headlines

Walmart Heiress Divorce

Paige Laurie Dubbert has filed for divorce from her husband Patrick Bode Dubbert. Paige is the heiress to Walmart. Laurie is happy to pay the amount that her husband is requesting in spousal support.


Read more from TMZ:

The heiress to the Walmart fortune is so rich she’s asking a judge to allow her husband to take her to the cleaners.

Paige Laurie Dubbert — whose mother inherited a multi-BILLION dollar chunk of the Walmart fortune — just filed legal docs to end her 5 year marriage to Patrick Bode Dubbert.

Not surprisingly … they signed a prenup, presumably protecting her fortune, but at the same time it gives her hubby the right to get spousal support if they divorce. Well, almost 6 years of marriage, they’re divorcing.  In the legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Paige cites irreconcilable differences. Continue reading…

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Eliza Coupe and Randal Whittinghill Divorce

Eliza Coupe and Randal Whittinghill filed for divorce last July. In the settlement Coupe has to pay Whittinghill $7,000 a month in spousal support. The support ends in two years or when Whittinghill remarries.


Read more from TMZ:

Eliza Coupe should have known this was a possibility when she married a puppeteer … TMZ has learned she’s been ordered to pay her ex spousal support and a six-figure lump sum to boot!

As TMZ first reported, Randall Whittinghill filed for divorce from the “Happy Endings” star last July after five years of marriage (literally — the date of separation on the divorce docs is listed as their five-year anniversary).

According to divorce docs obtained by TMZ … Whittinghill and Coupe have come to agreement on how to divvy things up … and Whittinghill made out quite well. Continue reading…

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McDermott May Divorce Spelling

Dean McDermott is threatening to divorce Tori Spelling. McDermott cheated on Spelling but the two have remained together. Sources McDermott is tired of being shamed by Spelling.


Read more from ExtraTV:

It turns out Spelling’s Lifetime reality show “True Tori” put him over the edge.

A source tells RadarOnline.com, “Publicly shaming Dean is one thing, but their four children are going to be able to watch the show when they are older and that really distresses him.”

The insider continued, “Yes, Dean cheated on her, but Tori definitely played a role in where their marriage was when that happened. For months, Tori has railed on Dean and he has taken it. However, Dean has had it. Now he is threatening her with divorce.” Continue reading…

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Richard Gere Dating Amidst Divorce

Richard Gere is in the middle of divorcing Carey Lowell. Now the actor is dating Padma Lakshmi. Lakshmi has one daughter age 3.


Read more from USMagazine:

Could Richard Gere’s new pretty woman come with a dash of spice and plenty of flavor? After Page Six reported that the 64-year-old actor is dating Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi in the midst of his divorce from his wife of 11 years, Carey Lowell, Us Weekly confirmed the news.

“It started very recently and quietly,” a source tells Us. “It’s very new. I wouldn’t even go as far as calling them a couple. They are dating. It’s the first time Padma has dated anyone since Teddy [Forstmann], and it’s something she’s been approaching very, very delicately. They’re just getting to know each other. They’re just having fun.”

Gere is currently filming the movie Time Out of Mind, in which he portrays a homeless man named George who is trying to reconnect with his daughter Maggie (Jena Malone). Continue reading…

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Bankruptcy Headlines

James River Coal Bankruptcy

James River Coal Co filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. The company blames the struglling economy for it’s financial problems. The company has $110 million to continue operating during the bankruptcy.


Read more from abcNews:

James River Coal Co. says it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of its efforts to turn around its business.

The Richmond, Va.-based company says it faces challenges from the weak economy, environmental regulations and competition from natural gas. Utilities are increasingly switching to gas from coal.

James River said Monday that the bankruptcy process will help it shore up its balance sheet. It has secured $110 million in financing to keep its operations rolling, pending court approval, during the restructuring process. Continue reading…

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DynaVox Files Bankruptcy

DynaVox filed for Chapter 11 this week. The company has debts of $50 million. The filing was done to prevent an auctioning of the company by a lender.


Read more from Wall Street Journal:

Speech-technology company DynaVox Inc. DVOX -44.44%  and two affiliates have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a bid to put the brakes on a move by secured lenders.

The company is grappling with restructuring its assets and debts estimated at between $10 million and $50 million.

First to file for protection, on Sunday, was DynaVox Intermediate LLC, which was the focus of a threatened collateral sale by JEC Capital Partners LLC and Fondren Management LP. Continue reading…

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Objections to Detroit Bankrupcty

Two more objections were filed against the Detroit bankruptcy. The objections were from Oakland and Macomb counties. The objections are in regards to control of the city’s water department.


Read more from Detroit Free Press:

Oakland and Macomb counties filed objections to Detroit’s bankruptcy restructuring documents in court Monday, exacerbating regional tension amid a dispute over future control of the city’s water department.

Making their first appearance in the case, Oakland and Macomb counties objected to the city’s proposals to either create a regional authority or hand over management of the department to a private company. Separately, several major creditors — including the Detroit’s largest employee unions and financial giants that backed the city’s debt — objected to the restructuring documents, setting the stage for a clash in court over the pace of Detroit’s restructuring.Continue reading…

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Coldwater Creek Post Bankrucpty

Coldwater Creek Inc. plans to liquidate its assets. The company could file bankruptcy this week. The company announced that it was looking at alternatives at the end of last year.


Read more from ChicagoTribune:

Coldwater Creek Inc., a women’s clothing retailer that hasn’t been profitable since 2007, is planning to liquidate its assets after a bankruptcy filing that may come as soon as today, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

The company received a so-called stalking horse, a minimum bid from parties that would sell off the retailer’s assets to repay creditors, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter isn’t public. The filing would come five months after Coldwater said it was exploring strategic alternatives, including a sale. Continue reading…

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Bankruptcy Headlines

Bond Issuers Fight Back in Detroit

Bond issuers are not happy with the deal proposed for them in the Detroit bankruptcy. One bond issuer is now suing the city. The city claims the transactions were frauds.


Read more from NYTimes:

A bond insurer on Monday struck a blow against Detroit’s proposal to exit bankruptcy, arguing in a new lawsuit that Detroit’s approach would illegally discriminate against the city’s third-biggest group of creditors — the investors who provided $1.4 billion for its workers’ pensions nearly a decade ago.

Those investors bought “certificates of participation,” which were the first securities Detroit defaulted on as it prepared to file for bankruptcy last summer. The city now contends that the 2005 borrowing was a “sham transaction” and is proposing to give the investors who bought into it one of the lowest recovery rates in its bankruptcy. Continue reading…

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Detroit Wants Appeals Consolidated

Seven cases have been filed to overturn the Detroit bankruptcy ruling. Now the city is asking that the federal appeals court consolidated the appeals. If the consildation is not granted teh city would like the response deadline pushed back.


Read more from Reuters:

Detroit asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday to consolidate seven cases seeking to overturn a December ruling that found the city was eligible for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy protection.

In a motion, Detroit asked the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to force the parties, including the city’s two pension funds, labor unions and retiree groups, to file in one lead case or to jointly file a principal brief accompanied by short individual briefs. Continue reading…

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LightSquared Bankruptcy

LightSquared filed for Chapter 11 in 2012. The company planned to build a wireless network but the plan was revoked by the FCC. Court hearings are currently underway for the restructuring.


Read more from ChicagoTribune:

A member of a committee helping to oversee LightSquared’s restructuring said on Wednesday he believes the company’s plan to subordinate the claims of its largest creditor, Dish Network Corp Chairman Charles Ergen, is fair.

Testifying in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York, Christopher Rogers, a member of the independent special committee, said the plan is not an attempt to punish Ergen for what LightSquared views as his surreptitious methods of acquiring debt. Continue reading…

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Lawsuit Against GM

A new lawsuit has been filed against General Motors Co. The suit is in regards to GM concealing ignition problems in its 2009 bankruptcy. The post bankruptcy GM is not responsible for incidents prior to the 2009 bankruptcy.


Read more from Reuters:

General Motors Co was hit with a lawsuit on Wednesday demanding that the company be held liable for allegedly concealing ignition problems before its 2009 bankruptcy.

The ignition switch problems led to the recall of 1.6 million vehicles last month.

GM is a different legal entity than the one that filed the 2009 bankruptcy that shook the U.S. economy. The so-called new GM is not responsible under the terms of its bankruptcy exit for legal claims relating to incidents that took place before July 2009. Those claims must be brought against what remains of the “old” or pre-bankruptcy GM. Continue reading…

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Child Custody and Child Support

Marc Anthony’s Child Support Payments May be Going UP

Marc Anthony had to disclose his financial information in court. Anthony’s ex wife is seeking an increase in her child support payments from $13 thousand a month to $113k a month. Anthony is already paying $18 thousand a month in support for children from another marriage.

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Read more from TMZ:

Marc Anthony may be 110 pounds wet … but in the money department he’s a world champ, because he’s just acknowledged he rakes in $1.25 million every single month.

Anthony filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in his nasty child support fight with ex-wife Dayanara Torres.  The former Miss Universe wants her monthly support for their 2 sons upped from $13K a month to $113K a month.

Marc had to disclose his income, and his portfolio is impressive.  He says he’s worth $20.8 million … of which $260K is in cash.  And none of that is in stocks or bonds.Continue reading…

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Ludacris Seeks Custody and Child Support for Baby

The rapper known as Ludacris is fighting for full custody of his child. Ludacris and ex wife Tamika Fuller have been battling it out in court for the two month old baby. Ludacris is also seeking child support payments.

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Read more from TMZ:

Rapper Ludacris wants to do something so shocking, it will send shock waves through the rap community — he’s fighting for CUSTODY of his kid.

Luda and baby mama Tamika Fuller are duking it out in an Atlanta court over custody and child support.  They had a baby girl 2 months ago and Tamika’s been taking care of the kid.

The rapper now says in legal docs he’s a “fit and capable parent” and should get full physical custody.  He offers up his parental resume, saying he’s always been “an active father” to his 12-year-old girl. Continue reading…

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Fathers Seek Custody and Child Support

More fathers are choosing to stay home to raise kids. When couples divorce these fathers want equal custody which means less child support to the mother. In some cases the fathers seek the child support from the mother.

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Read more from Huffington Post:

More married fathers stay home to care for the children — check.

More married fathers spend quality time with their children as a result — check.

More married mothers become the breadwinners — check.

Divorced dads make a life and career change to work less, earn less, spend much more time with their kids and, as a result, pay less support — whoa, whoa, whoa. This is America, pal. Don’t mess with the sanctity of child support and alimony. Continue reading…

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Eddie Cibrian’s Wife Claims He’s Seeking Child Support

Eddie Cibrian is now married to LeAnn Rimes and in a custody battle with ex-wife Brandi Glanville. Glanville claims that Cibrian is asking that she pay child support. Cibrian denies the allegations.

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Read more from JustJared:

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian stop to chat with a friend while heading out for lunch on Thursday (February 20) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 40-year-old actor is in a very public custody battle with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville, who claims he is asking her to pay child support.

“Im not taking cheap shots at my ex in my new book cuz its all true,&now mr fancy new cars&house man is asking ME for child support!” Brandi tweeted. Continue reading…

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